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Back in 2008 when Roberto and I first founded, Influenceology (The Chiro Speaking Co. parent company), we were in the grind mode and said yes to EVERY speaking opportunity that came our way.

One time I was asked to give a talk on Search Engine Optimization, something, back in 2008 I was qualified to talk about. (we’ve learned over the years, SEO is too volatile for our business and thus stay away from it)

So I gave a 45-minute educational talk on SEO and spent the last 15 minutes closing for our public speaking course!

“WHAT?!”, you ask?

That’s right, I gave a talk on SEO and offered our public speaking course….

And guess what?

People signed up!

You know why?

The power of demonstration.

I simply asked, “how many you enjoyed this talk?”

Everybody said yes.

Then I asked, “how would you like me to personally teach you how to speak like this?”

That was the gist of it.

I simply pointed out that SEO can be an extremely technical and dry subject, and asked if I had sufficiently presented it in a fun and engaging matter?…

I demonstrated that what I teach can turn even the driest subject into a dynamic talk.

That’s the power of demonstration to prove a point.

Gary Bencivenga, often called the greatest living copywriter, said the most important and effective way to prove anything is through demonstration.

Speaking of demonstration… every month we demonstrate our ability to coach chiropractors to speaking greatness by dissecting and critiquing a member’s presentation each month.

As of today, we have critiqued these types of talks:

— 5 Keys to health

— Intro the world of RHINO health and fitness

— Dinner with the Doctor

— Wellness talk for Teachers

— Doctor’s Report

— Group Doctor’s Report

— Radio Show! (that’s right we event critiqued a member’s radio show.

— Yours here?….

Join here:

Jeff Paro
The Chiro Speaking Co.

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