Rio street beggar: how to influence when ur survival depends on it

Like any major city in America, Rio has it’s fair share of Mendigos (street beggars).

There’s a guy on my corner who is there rain or shine and just shouts at passer-byres (i’m not sure if I just made that word up).

“Compre-me un café!”… “Compre-me un café!”…. (buy me a coffee)


“compre-me un sanduiche!”… “compre-me un sanduiche!”… (buy me a sandwich)

It’s quite obvious that he probably has or had an addiction problem or is mentally ill.

Regardless, he’s there every time I pass by and every time, he’s like a record repeating over and over.

I began to notice, sure enough, he had a coffee or some days he had a sandwich.

I do a lot of walking here and I love it. It gives me time to think.

On one particular day, I really began to analyze his situation.

Here’s what I came up:

Regardless of his mental state, he’s programmed to survive. After years of trying to ‘figure out’ how to get what he wanted. He discovered what worked and what didn’t work.

Knowing what I know about sales/marketing/influence, his success is no surprise to me. In fact, it makes complete sense.

  1. He has a clear and easy to understand message.
  2. He’s putting that message in front of as many people as possible.
  3. And here’s the most important… he’s relentlessly consistent.

There’s a lot to be said for consistency.

The late, great, Chet Holmes use to preach to us about pig-headed consistency.

Roberto, when it comes to sales, is one of the most consistent guys I know.

When working for Tony Robbins, he never had the highest ticket per meeting ratio but he always consistently and relentlessly followed up with the leads after the meeting ran. Because of his consistency of follow up, those 1’s and 2’s overtime always allowed him to come out on top.

Consistency only comes after commitment.

If you want to become a great speaker, you need to be pig-headedly consistent. In order to be consistent, you need to commit.

Here’s where you commit:

It’s the only place resources 100% dedicated to the development of change leading chiropractic speakers.

Like the Mendigo, most of the stuff we teach came from us learning what put food and the table and what didn’t.

For example, this weeks’ training is on “sleight of mouth” patterns to over objections.

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