[Interview] The Chiro Advocate: Dan McCoy

Chiropractor Technology Expert Dan McCoy


Dan McCoy is the Founder of Techsubluxation.com, the only IT firm in the country dedicated 100% to helping chiropractors nationwide become more protected, productive and profitable using technology.

Dan has coached hundreds of DC’s on how to focus on their business of saving lives. Dan loves to say “We do for your computer network, what you as a chiropractor do for the human body! We adjust technical subluxation.”

His mission is to impact at least 10,000 chiropractors over the next two years to help them discover how with passion and purpose we radically eliminate the obvious and underlying computer and technology issues they face in their offices. By allowing the doc to sleep better at night they can focus on helping patients achieve optimum health and wellness.

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  1. Rebecca Hutson on August 10, 2020 at 10:46 am

    I met Dan McCoy at a seminar (I was the security guard/cyber security student) that he spoke to while he was at Scottish Rites Cathedral in Indianapolis on August 8th.

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