Is your consultation worth 10K?

Doctor: Roberto, you will not believe what happened on my dinner with the doc presentation last night?

Me: What?

Doctor: I think I broke the record. When I asked how much my examination would cost in a traditional hospital, one person on the audience said $100,000!!

Me: Yes, you broke the record!! The highest I have personally heard was $ 10,000, that is awesome! (the record was from a lady doctor, she had heard $ 10,000 before)

When you speak and you offer your “consultation” to “get checked” how much value do you think your audience puts on it? What is the monetary value that your audience puts on your consultation (I am not talking about the care)? $ 100? $ 300? $ 400? $ 500? $ 10,000?

What do you think causes people to assign dramatically different monetary values for a traditional consultation? Do you feel like the higher the value, the higher the conversion? Of course!!! In case you’re wondering, that doctor closed 100% of the room (that is not news for our doctors who use our system)

By far, one of the biggest mistakes that Chiropractors commit during their talks is that they do not build up enough value for the consultation that they offer at the end of their talk. I assure you, this perception of value has nothing to do with your audience, it has to do with how you communicate what they are going to get out from your examination.

Value is in the mind of the beholder.

To see if you are creating enough value when communicating your offer, do the 10K test (do they believe it’s worth it) and listen to the response. You may learn that you have to step up how you are communicating what you do.

That’s where we can help. During the 3 day intensive you get to hear how 20 to 30 other chiropractors position their consultation and you get to hear my feedback on how to build more value.

Roberto Monaco

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