To whom it may concern

Imagine this:

You are in love, and you really want to conquer your dream partner’s heart. So you decide to write an old-fashioned letter.

Here is how you start.

“To whom it may concern,…”

Unless your targeted damsel has a huge sense of humor, or you are one helluva copywriter, it will not get you a date.

In this context it seems ridiculous, right?

What if I told you that a vast majority of the chiropractors in the world, doing lunch and learns and corporate wellness talks are doing exactly the same mistake?

They are doing the “to whom it may concern” talks all over the place, meaning, they are going to different companies, that have different corporate goals, with different employees, and different health perspectives, and give the same talk.

They are going to a company to do a lunch and learn or a corporate talk without having an in-depth discussion with the meeting organizer (usually the HR person or leader of the group) to learn what is important to him.

And therefore… the meeting organizer is not excited about your upcoming presentation.

Then, when the doctor shows up to speak she/he is surprised and frustrated to learn that the 40 person meeting became a presentation for 3 famished people that just came for the food.

But, let’s say there is an upcoming talk for a company 10 days from now. And instead of you showing up to speak, Bill Gates, Richard Branson and Warren Buffet will speak in your place.

Do you feel that the person responsible for organizing that meeting will make a bigger deal about their presentation?

How excited will be the meeting organizer to promote that event now?

How many emails, phone calls and invitations that person would do to make sure that room is packed with people to listen to these 3 rock-stars?

So what is the difference between your talk and Bill Gates, Richard Branson and Warren Buffet’s talk?

Answer: perception of value.

The meeting organizer simply perceives their talk to be more valuable than yours.

How can you create that perception of value if you did not take time to talk to the meeting organizer and learn about his or her goals, her problems and offer a health and wellness based solution?

It is impossible!

You have to put your journalist, sales professional and influencer “hat” and talk to the meeting organizer BEFORE you show up to speak so that you create massive value about your talk.

I promise you, when you ask the right questions, the meeting organizer will become your biggest advocate that will not only promote your event but wait for you with a red carpet and your favorite non-alcoholic drink to salute you before your speaking event.

The key is knowing the right questions, and the right setup. This is something we covered extensively in our three day speaking intensive, Influencing From The Front.

Get dialed in here:

Speak soon,

Roberto Monaco
The Chiro Speaking Company

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