7 steps to Improve a Canned Presentation

I have always been an advocate for creating your own presentations.

When we hear about our buddy crushing it with a certain presentation. Or a “GURU” sells us their presentation that they claim has made them 1 zillion dollars, we want to get our greedy little hands on it so we can enjoy the same success. (though it seldom works out that way).

That’s because it’s THEIR presentation and not YOUR presentation.

But I understand that it’s human nature to take shortcuts.

Even though my mom told umpteen times it’s better to take your time and do it right the first time.

I often found myself doing ‘re-work’.

So if you’re not going to heed our advice and create your own presentation, who can you take someone else’s presentation and make it yours.

1) Put your powerpoint away

2) Figure out your offer (start with the end in mind)

3) Define the Key message of your talk. What do they have to believe in order to invest in your offer

For example, “you are one presentation away from changing your life”

4) Outline a presentation structure


— problem

— impact of the problem

— cause

— solution

— how it works

— prove it

5) Add your OWN stories and examples

6) Re-visit the slides and see what you can use (the research is already been done)

7) Rehearse your talk. Spend more time rehearsing the talk then working on the slides

Here is the video where I explain it in detail:

Don’t speak to inform, speak to transform!

Roberto Monaco



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