12-year-old deliberately sends junk mail to parents’ house

I’m reading a book called Dotcom secrets.

The very first chapter the author opens with how he became fascinated with direct response marketing and how that fascination brought him to where he is today.

When I’m giving feedback on personal stories, I always say that at the end of your personal story somebody should be able to understand who you are and how you got here today?

His personal story did exactly that.

And his story was very interesting… many people think that your personal story has to be some sort of sob story. That is just one version, one model. Those tend to be the best… but if your story is just plum flat interesting, that will work as well.

For example, he was 12 years old and ordering junk mail from magazines and ads just so he could see what they sent him in the mail.

Come on, what 12-year-old does this? It had me hooked. I wanted to know more.

Your personal story, sometimes called your signature story, is one of the most important parts of your persuasion artillery.

Often times it’s not easy to create your personal story in a persuasive manner. It takes time, energy and deep thought. We worked with a private client for nearly 6 months just on his personal story––it’s that important.

The biggest mistake I see people making, is the tell a biography of their life instead of a personal story. They do chronological storytelling which usually is boring.

Knowing how and when to tell your personal story (and when not to) is just as important as knowing how to create your personal story.

But lucky for you we have your back.

In our Chiro Speaking Club, our first training was all about your Personal story. How to create one, where to tell it, where not to tell it, and much more.

It’s all yours, to review and study as often as you’d like. And if you have questions, we have a day dedicated just to answer questions––to make sure you can implement what you’re learning.

You can sign up here:

Until tomorrow,

Jeff Paro
The Chiro Speaking Company

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