If Rodney Dangerfield was a chiropractor…

Growing up I used to watch Rodney Dangerfield movies all the time.

His one-liners were legendary.

“my psychiatrist told me I was crazy and I said I want a second opinion. He said okay, you’re ugly too”

“some dog I got too. We call him Egypt, because in every room he leaves a pyramid.”

But without a doubt the thing that he’s the most well-known for, was his power line “I get no respect!”

As a chiropractor you might be able to relate, right?

How many times have you been made to feel less than? By patients, by medical doctors, by insurance companies … hey sometimes even by Friends and family.

I just read a blog post where a medical doctor had actually sent a letter to a chiropractor informing the chiropractor, that the mutual patient could no longer receive chiropractic care per the medical doctor’s recommendation! As if the medical doctor’s recommendations superseded the chiropractor’s.

This idea that a medical doctor is more of a “Real doctor” than a chiropractor is the result of messaging.

There aren’t too many people, at least intelligent people, that would argue with you if you said the true purpose of a doctor is to heal.

And if you asked them, if focus on function and prevention was more about healing, than dealing drugs and surgery––most would say yes.

So a natural conclusion would be that a chiropractor is more of a real doctor than a MD.

It’s just common sense.

So why do many people still think the contrary?

Because you’ve (as an industry) done a poor job communicating the chiropractic message.

How we learn and believe things are universal. Meaning, what we think about ourselves we learned the same way as we think about doctors.

And repetition is one of the ways that we can be influenced as a human.

For example, if someone hears “you’re an idiot” or “you’re ugly” all of there life they will begin to think that.

Messaging X repetition = beliefs

So in the case of the chiropractor I believe your message has not been heard enough because it has not been told enough.

And until it has been told, and told with some frequency the current belief will remain.

But you can start changing the minds of your community and your patients by simply telling your message more effectively, over and over again.

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Until next time,

Jeff Paro
The Chiro Speaking Company

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