They’re walking the earth, completely oblivious (like Roberto)

Can you imagine a life where no Mexican food or Thai food existed?

I certainly can’t.

But that’s how life was for Roberto his first 25 years. He was walking this planet completely oblivious to the deliciousness of Thai food and Mexican food.

I was talking with him today, and he told me until he came to America he had never tried Mexican food nor Thai food .… they simply didn’t exist in Brazil. At least not in Porto Alegre, the city where he’s from.

And now, after being in America for the last 20 years, Thai food and Mexican food have become some of his favorite options. But before moving here, they never were. It’s not that it was good or bad, it just wasn’t an option.

But today, he has choices baby!

Which is why you should learn to speak and close a room. It gives you choices.

Many people don’t know about this option or just how good it is. For them, it’s not necessarily good or bad it just isn’t an option, because they don’t know what they don’t know.

They’re walking the earth, completely oblivious (like Roberto).

But, not you baby…

If you want to go speak at the church, you can.

If you want to do a radio show, you can.

If you want to do a webinar, you can.

If you get asked to speak last-minute, you’ll do it.

Or maybe not.

It’s your choice because now you have options.

Learning to speak opens up the world possibilities… lots and lots of opportunities.

Speaking of opportunities, now is your opportunity to join the greatest speaking club for a chiropractor ever created.

In the membership site, we already have in-depth training on how to craft and deliver the ultimate stress talk, the dinner with Doc presentation and critiques of some of your peers’ talks.

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Until tomorrow,

Jeff Paro
The Chiro Speaking Company

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