Smart chiros use this, do you?

Creating a new presentation can be a D-R-A-G.

That project that you allotted 4 hours… turns into 4 days and the monkey on your back to finish becomes almost unbearable. You FINALLY finish it, but the damage is done.

You’re traumatized and don’t ever want to go through that again…

Even the thought of having to create another one starts to make you feel overwhelmed.

The feeling of overwhelm stops most of us in our tracks.

We become paralyzed.

As a chiropractor, you innately know that you should be giving presentations on the regular… but you can’t give the same presentation for every opportunity so what’s the answer?

Use frameworks.

Frameworks give you the basic sequencing of a persuasive presentation and cuts down the creation time massively.

You no longer have to stress about what to talk about and where it should go, you simply follow the template.

For example:

A basic copywriting framework that could easily be adopted to an impromptu speech is A.I.D.A


With a little direction and examples of how to achieve those outcomes, you could create an unlimited amount of speeches, each getting easier than the previous.

Using a framework:
– cuts down prep time significantly
– keeps your message focused
– will give more predictable results
– Gives flexibility when creating multiple talks
– And most importantly, ELIMINATES OVERWHELM

When you join the Chiro Speaking Club, you will have access to our proprietary framework, complete with examples and illustrations on how to use it, so you can create a talk on any subject faster and with less stress.

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Jeff Paro
The Chiro Speaking Club

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