How ANY Chiro can become financially independent

Today is Independence day here in ‘Merica.

I write you from Big Lake, Washington, where last night they had their annual fireworks show.

The local fire department puts it on and it’s funded by all the residents of the lake.

It was spectacular.

And after the “official” show finished, all the locals put on their own shows. Each dock lighting up with the spoils of their trip to the local Indian reservation.

Living outside of the US and being home for this holiday, it really was a different experience for me.

It felt so American. My heart was bursting with Pride.

… The American flag on all the houses and boats. (many flying the flag of their original heritage too)

… All the neighbors having BBQ’s and family gatherings.

… One neighbor sang the Star Bangled Banner over a PA system and you could hear everyone joining in.


As I sat in our boat and watched the fireworks show… I thought about ALL the expense and production that went into the day, and if people really were celebrating the day for what it is or simply for the party?

Like Christmas for so many is about the Gifts vs. the actually day.

I couldn’t help but be remember something that I read in Ken McCarthy’s “System Club Letters” book. ( I recommend every business owner read this)

Ken’s thinks it’s losing it’s meaning because:

“Reason #1: Independence is no longer a treasured virtue in our country. Reason #2: Many of the things that the Founding Fathers found so objectionable – like taxation without representation for example – have become institutionalized in the US. Big business, big media, big government – the country seems to be run for their benefit today, not ours.”

It’s true.

I’d add big Pharma to that list as well. Politicians have become addicts for the big Pharma donation fix.

Ken goes on to say the answer to fight this is to become financially independent and use your resources to effect change.

How any Chiro can become financially independent:
1.) Become outstanding at speaking
2.) Speak a lot

It’s really that simple. (not easy)

Unfortunately, most people today want easy and instant. They don’t want to do the work. They are constantly looking for the “magic pill” or the “secret edge” that will magically get them rich without having to work.

If you’re different, will to do the work and want to be TRULY independent and truly free, join our Chiro Speaking Club, where we teach you how to become a persuasive communicator. This club is only for Chiropractors and is tailored specifically for you.

Sign up information here:

Happy 4th,

Jeff Paro
The Chiro Speaking Company

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