SHOCKED! Massage therapists tries to adjust me

I reminded of the time I actually had a massage therapist try and give me an adjustment here in Brazil.

Can you believe it?

I could tell what she was cooking up by the way she was stretching my neck from one side to the other, just like you do right before you adjust it.

Right before I was going to say something, she said, “you know I can give you an adjustment if you like?”

Nah.. I’m good. But thanks for asking.

How many years of brutal studying and training did endure to earn that right?

What If I had let her? Would that infuriate you?

Yes, it would. Rightly so.

As ridiculous as that sounds to you as a chiropractor, letting someone who isn’t a licensed Chiropractor do an adjustment, that’s how silly it is to us when you take public speaking advice from someone who doesn’t have the proper qualifications.

There is a mountain of poor Presentation advice being doled out in the Chiropractic community…

Being promulgated by “GewRews” that simply haven’t earned the battle scars to be teaching.

Sure, one can learn the basics on their own and get pretty good at using speaking as a tool for your benefit, but to cross the chasm and become a teacher takes thousands of hours and years of VARIED experiences.

There’s simply no skipping this

Which most simply don’t have.

I’ve even seen people teaching our stuff.

Why learn from a false prophet, when you can get the teaching from source?

Come to an Influencing from the Front for Chiropractors event. We have the 2018 dates up.

Here’s where you find them:

Onward and upward,

Jeff Paro
The Chiro Speaking Company

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