Little known strategy to double conversions at lunch and learns

It’s sucks showing up to a lunch and learn/speaking event, only to find out that the 20 person meeting is now a 3 person meeting.

This has happened to all of us, and it sucks royally. In the old days at Tony Robbins we used to joke, “it was a 3 person meeting, and 1 guy was drunk and the other was smoking a cigarette…”

When this used to happen to me, usually 9 times out 10 it was because I didn’t do a proper “prep talk”.

The prep talk is the conversation you have with the boss (meeting organizer) before the meeting takes place.

This talk is one of the most important parts of your speaking business because it is where you will set up your entire workshop and you will create the conditions to close people for your appointments.

The prep talk will allow you to create a perception of massive value for your training (think how they would treat Bill Gates, Beyoncé or Bono if they were to speak at their company) so the boss will promote the event for you.

Most of your money (conversions) is made during the prep talk.

After doing, literally, 1,000’s, of prep talks, Roberto and I have become masters of this pre event must-do.

As far as we know, NOBODY is teaching this strategy, and if they are they probably “borrowed” it from us.

We spill the beans on how you can you can use this pre-event strategy to literally double the conversions of your talks.

When done right you will actually have the boss (meeting organizer) closing for you!!

It’s all waiting for you here:

Once you sign up today, you will:

— Know how to change the frame at the lunch and learns, instead showing up to speak as the “doc that brings lunch” you show up at the “doctor that will improve the health of my employees”

— Learn how gather key intel so you can use that information to as leverage to convert during the presentation.

— Learn how an absolutely brilliant and simple way of getting multiple talks (from the audience).

— Learn to eliminate the #1 anxiety the boss/meeting organizer has.

Go here now:

Onward and upward,

Jeff Paro
The Chiro Speaking Company

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