Devious Uncle Uses NLP technique to beat niece at Corn Hole

Today I’m writing you from Kaizen, Oregon. My niece is getting married today.

It’s a 100 degrees already. Not looking forward to being in a monkey suit all day.

Yesterday afternoon we had a family barbecue and played this game called “Corn hole”.

It’s basically horseshoes but with bean bags and a platform with a hole in it.

The object is to throw the bean bags into the holes in the platforms that are about 20ft apart.

It sounds easy and a bit boring, but actually it’s quite fun. I think it would be even more fun if you made it into a drinking game… but I digress.

The first couple of rounds I just observed the players… especially the guys who were consistently throwing in the whole.

… How are they standing?

… What position is their arm? (bent or straight)

… How are they holding the bean bag? (closed fist, flat palm)

… What is the arc? (looping or direct)

… Did the movement remind me of something I’m already familiar with? (bowling throw)

After just watching for 3 rounds, my youngest niece challenged me and my brother-in-law to a game.

My first couple of throws were off as I tried to re-enact what I had learned from watching. As I played the motion in my head and repeated in real-life, I finally connected the dots.

… arm straight, open palm, semi loop, approach like bowling and look at the front of the hole.

1, 2, 3, consecutive bean bags in the hole!

I’m proud to inform you that you are talking to the Paro Family Reigning Champ of Corn Hole.

Observing the best at something and then trying to repeat, exactly, what they are doing to produce the same result is called, “Modeling”.

It’s a technique that I learned while working for the Anthony Robbins Companies. I used to do this quite often when I was just a presentation pup.

It must have worked pretty good because after about a year with the company, they used to use a recording of my presentation to train other new speakers.

If you’re serious about learning how to be an outstanding speaker then you need to become a student of other speakers. Watch what they do that is good and also, what they do that doesn’t work.

In our Chiro’s Only speaking club, every month we dissect a member’s presentation.

We look at the what was good and what could have been improved. It’s complete and it’s thorough.

Each talk is critiqued on Structure, Delivery, and Influence.

Just one idea from the feedback can completely change your conversions. It’s not abnormal for a client to implement the feedback and their very next talk, close 100% of the room.

Enroll here:

Jeff Paro
The Chiro Speaking Company

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