Chiropractors are not really doctors

“Chiropractors are not really doctors…“

“Chiropractic care, I’m sorry to say, is little more than the buffoonery of a 19th-century lunatic who derived most of his medical theory from séances.”

“The field is based on shaky concepts. Everything that comes from it is fruit of the poisonous tree,”


“… pseudoscience…”

How does that make you feel reading this?

I imagine, it angers you at the core.

That’s from an article I just read slamming Chiros. (probably funded by Pharma)

If I said any of the above to your face, what would you say?

Would you be able to make a case to the contrary?

What’s the “Truth”?

When I read that article it pissed me off and saddened me to know that there are a plethora of readers that are going to read that and take it as the gospel.


Because that is how we learn anything.


And the stone cold hard truth is that your adversaries (MD’s, Pharma, uniformed public) are winning the war of minds by being better promotors of YOUR story.

The other side is better at telling their side of the story and they have done a better job at convincing and enrolling advocates to tell THEIR story and YOURS.

As Roberto always says, “if you don’t tell your story, the marketplace will make one up about you”.

The knee jerk reaction is to get pissed and start pointing fingers and calling names.

But that’s not going to CHANGE anything.

You need to think bigger than that.

Yes, it’s not fair, they have long standing institutional relationships (like in schools, medical system, insurance companies etc) and unlimited budgets, but as I’ve said in previous articles, life aint’ fair, so suck it up and get into action.

You need to beat them at their own game.

You need to program and re-program the public.

As a community, your voice needs to be bigger, louder and more persuasive than your adversary.

I use the word adversary, because make no mistake, this is war.

A high stakes war.

Many lives at stake.

Wars are won by who has the best strategy.

Name calling and social media spats: Losing strategy.

Winning strategy: Education on the Truth.

Focus that anger, frustration and negative energy to becoming a better communicator.

There are 321 Million people in the US. There are approximately 80,000 chiropractors.

In their lifetime, if every chiropractor could change the minds of 4000 people, the war of minds would be won.

This is why Roberto and I are committed to teach you how to become a persuasive communicator, because it really is the answer to spreading the chiropractic message.

It’s our mission.

Let us help you win this war:

See you tomorrow,

Jeff Paro
The Chiro Speaking Company

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