Attention: cream puffs need not apply.

The Ultimate Fighter: Redemption was on the boob-tube this A.M.

TUF, as it’s called, is a television series that gives up and coming fighters a chance to win a lucrative UFC contract. And in this industry that is considered “making it”.

The Ultimate Fighter (TUF) television series is basically a single elimination tournament, where all the competitors live together under one roof, and they film it.

I think there has been 12 seasons so far. So as you can imagine, as with any show full of guys (and gals) crazy enough to get into a locked cage and fight, there has been some problems with contestants — many being kicked off the show — losing their their once in a lifetime opportunity to make it.

So… this series was called “Redemption” because all the fighters (who had been kicked off or left the show) were giving a second chance — a shot at redemption.

Many of them had waited YEARS, continuing to train, sharpening their craft, just in case this type of opportunity came their way…

… an opportunity to redeem themselves.

That’s because they really want it (they don’t say they want it), and they’re willing to do the work that is required to becoming the best… even though they have no guarantees at another opportunity.

That’s the mindset of someone who is TRULY committed.

Luckily for you, as a speaker, you don’t have to wait years to “redeem” yourself if you make a mistake or completely bomb.

At max, you might have to wait a month.

Yet, I see some chiropractors that want to quit, throw in the towel because they flopped one time. That is not the mindset of a champion, that’s the polar opposite.

That’s the mindset of a cream puff, a real Sally.

… and cream puffs don’t last long anywhere; especially in the speaking game.

Everybody loves a cream puff, but they get eaten up — fast.

Cream puffs don’t put the work in to master the craft…

And then… even though they haven’t invested any time or deliberate focus into becoming great, when they don’t get the results they were expecting (praying for would be more accurate if you don’t do the work), they say, “oh speaking doesn’t work”, “I’m not a born speaker”, “it’s possible for others, but not me”, and so on.

It’s not that it doesn’t work or any of the other reasons, it’s because you didn’t do the work.

In my 10+ years in this business, I have never seen ANYONE who did the work that didn’t get atleast good results (more sales, conversions, enrollments, revenue, whatever).

And that’s just in the context of overall, in general, compared to competition, they are always head and shoulders above them, why? Because MOST people won’t do the work.

So simply by doing the work, you’ll be light years ahead of your competition.

Moral of the story: Don’t be a cream puff, do the work and you’re guaranteed success.

If you’re ready to stop saying you want to be a great speaker (a cream puff) and are ready to do the “hard easy” upfront (champion) to enjoy a lifetime of freedom, join us in the Chiro Speaking Club.

Attention: cream puffs need not apply.

Jeff Paro
The Chiro Speaking Club

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