The Sterdog Chiro Debt Destroyer

There are a lot of docs that are drowning in debt.

I know this as a fact, yet nobody ever talks about it.

I read (and our list surveys concord), that the average Chiropractor comes out of college owing 150k smacker-oos.

And when you go into practice for yourself: add to that your building, your employees’ wages and that fact that you don’t make much money the first couple of years in practice, that 150k can quickly get in the neighborhood of a half-million dollars.

It makes sense the chiropractic industry has the one of the highest student loan forfeiture.

Talking about your debt is kinda taboo.  It’s not very polite to ask about someone’s financials and it’s natural to feel embarrassed about it.

Nevertheless, it’s a real problem.

So let’s attack it head-on.

I have the solution.

It’s called the Sterdog Chiro Debt Destroyer. (my nickname is Sterling, but friends calls me Sterdog —  yah, a nickname of a nickname, go figure)

And here’s the solution:
1.) Get Really Good A Speaking.
2.) Speak as much as possible.

I know it’s a boring solution; it’s not a shiny, not new and requires some real work but it’s guaranteed to solve ALL your financial problems.


Marketing your practice with talks is free (unless you do Dinner talks).  But even those are inexpensive compared to other common methods.

The time and money that you invest in “Getting Really Good at Speaking”, is being invest in YOU.  These skills are yours for LIFE. They carry over to all areas of your life and business.  They improve how you communicate with your staff, your spouse, your children and YOURSELF! …

Another advantage, is you’re not depending on some else for your results.  It’s you and you alone.  I know that may freak you out, but that’s how you get complete freedom.

Talks’ results are trackable, therefore you can measure and improve (unlike most marketing out there)

How do you get really good at speaking and finally get out of debt and have financially freedom?

Join the club:

Until Tomorrow,

Jeff Paro
The Chiro Speaking Company

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