Why I Don’t Do Affiliate Marketing

A week doesn’t go by when someone doesn’t approach us to participate in their affiliate program.

I without hesitation say no 99% of the time.

I’m sure some hardcore marketers aren’t going like what I have to say. I know you can make money doing affiliate marketing. If that’s your focus. But most people reading this list are NOT full time affiliate marketers.

Let me explain why I choose to sit on the side lines.

1.) Protecting the Golden Goose

Your house list is your golden goose. It should be guarded and treated as if it were your family’s personal information; don’t whore them out. A buyer is worth 100X a lead… and when you participate in affiliate programs, you’re giving away all your upfront efforts for peanuts.

In the short-term you get a commission but the publisher gets the benefits of another buyer on their list (not just a lead). That is great for them but not for you. Plus this just creates competition for attention and wallets when you go to sell them more stuff.

2.) 50% vs. 100% commissions

If I sell my own products I get 100% of the commission. This is used to help pay for the cost of acquiring them in the first place. Why would I want to GIVE the publisher 50% commission for a buyer that I found and sent to them. Yes, some publishers pay 100%, but see #1.

3.) Tracking

If you’ve ever done your own affiliate marketing, you know how hard it is to actually track. IF you actually have the right tools, you’re still at the mercy of the prospect not to clear cookies, deny the cookies (new requirements) and many publishers have a ‘last cookie’ policy. That means that the most recent person that sent the prospect to the offer will get the credit. The likelihood of the lead being on someone else’s list is high. So now you’ve given all their contact information etc for SQUAT!


4.) Run the Risk of Not Getting Paid

Even if everything goes perfect, you still have to rely on the honesty and integrity of the publisher to pay you. Publishers are notorious for not paying affiliates even after a sale. That is why only 1% of the time I agree to do affiliate marketing. It’s because I know and trust the publisher. You count on 1 hand how many people we’ve done affiliate marketing with and this.

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Jeff Paro

The Chiro Speaking Company

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