You’d think I’m weird, right?

I’m curious:

Let’s say you and I meet for the first time to explore business opportunities.

We go to a fancy lobby in a hotel to chat and one of the first things I tell you is “do not ask me any questions until the end”.


We sit down and I start talking, dumping information and talking your ear off, nonstop, for 45 minutes without asking you any questions.

How would you feel?

You’d think I’m weird, right?

That is how the majority of chiropractors present to groups (and they wonder why they’re not closing rooms when they speak).

Speaking has changed dramatically during the last decade or so with the dissemination of social media and smart phones.

How many times a day do you: check your Facebook, like someone’s post, comment on someone’s post, share an Instagram picture, text your loves ones, etc.?

Understand that your audience’s psychology has changed and they crave engagement.

Now, this engagement may sound superficial to you, but for them, it is not. They are doing things: sharing, liking, texting, scrolling, commenting, they are engaged.

And then…..they go to your talk.

How is the engagement there? If it’s like the majority of talks I watch… it’s nonexistent.

Most doctors experience poor conversions because they use old school speaking methods (think in terms of an orator speaking at a audience) to an audience that is jonesing connection.

This lack of connection, engagement destroys conversion rates.

There are several techniques to engage your audience before, during and even after your presentation to maximize your chances of converting.

Come spend the weekend with us, where we’ll teach you everything you need to know to be an engaging and impactful speaker.

Not only will we teach you what to do, we’ll actually critique you and give you feedback to make sure you’re doing it right.

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