YIKES! Holy situation, Batman!

We have a long time friend and client of ours named Dixie.

Besides having been to all our seminars, every year she hires us to help her with an annual talk she gives.

Like all the previous times, she recorded her presentation, sent it in, and Roberto worked his wizardry and sent it back to her.

This process was repeated over and over until she OWNED her content.

This year, there were about 2000 people in attendance.

She’s on stage doing her thing and about half way through…

The weight of the microphone receiver starts to pull down her skirt!

She doesn’t notice until it’s already about halfway down her thigh.

YIKES! Holy situation, Batman!

What would you do?

Well, Dixie, having contracted with us prior, knew her material inside out, and simply said something along the lines, “…My mother always said ‘wear a slip’, I’m glad I took her advice” [my mother always used to tell me to wear clean underwear in case I was in an accident. lol]

The crowd roared up with laughter and she carried on.

She crushed it. It was her best talk ever.

The ratings came back and she was rated as one of the best speakers of the event, as well.

This could have been a very different outcome if she wasn’t coached on how to prepare to the point of having unconscious competence and unshakable confidence.

She did the work. And it paid off big time.

Preparing for your talk is so important.

But, it can be so overwhelming that people just do it half-assed. They prefer to spend their time making sure their slides are pretty.

I’m never forgotten something that Tony Robbins used to say, ‘we are rewarded in public for what we do in private”.

You have to prepare. You must do the work.

Having said that, like most things there are learned ways (through experience), that make this arduous job, less burdensome.

We spill the beans on how to do that at our 3 day public speaking intensive called, Influencing from the Front for Chiropractors.

Here’s where you can sign up:

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