What to Do if You Have Diarrhea During Your Talk

There are a gazillion reasons why a presentation isn’t “Impactful”, but one of the most common reasons is people simply try to cover too much information.

Have you ever made the mistake of speaking to a chatterbox? Someone who just rambles on and on?

Your friendly “hi, how’s it going?”, turns into a never-ending one sided conversation… and you have to just sit there, endure and listen?

That’s what an audience experiences when you ‘data dump’ — the speaking equivalent of diarrhea of the mouth.

This is usually the result of not having a predetermined structure that you are confident that when followed, is sufficient to move the audience into action.

Rookies are always afraid of leaving something important out. (they can’t recognize what is and isn’t important)

I used to suffer from this sometimes when packing. I’d bring so much stuff just-in-case I might need it. I never wanted to forget something.

I always ended not using half of what I brought. I simply didn’t need it.

Nowadays I have a formula that use that has served me well.

1 t-shirt, socks and underwear x days of trip.
1 pair of jeans, shorts x weeks of trip
2 dress shirts x weeks of trip
1 dark and 1 light shoes
My doc kit

I don’t have to think much. I just pull out the clothes based on the above and I’m good to go. Sometimes I need to adjust the contents based on the purpose or weather. But my packing is 90% done.

This is how having a structure works. You just fill in the blanks with your content and it produces an impactful, predictable and effective presentation that is 90% complete. You may have to tweak a bit based on audience, location, time, etc… but it’s not so laborious and it won’t be boring.

In our Chiro Speaking Club, we’ve taken one of our persuasive structures and actually demonstrated how we do this and created the “ultimate stress talk”. And let me tell you, this bad boy converts.

Get the details here:

Until tomorrow,

Jeff Paro
The Chiro Speaking Club

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