What Lebron James can teach you about public speaking

I am big fan of LeBron James (I know…some of you are MJ fans, I get it)

You may not like LBJ, but it is impossible to negate his skills. The next few years we will know where he will fall amongst the top basketball gods that ever played the game.

I admire several things about LBJ, but one of them is his identity (how he sees himself).

As far as I can tell, from his actions, interviews and results, he truly believes in his heart that he is one of the best basketball players ever.

He even got a tattoo on his back that says: “chosen 1”, and that was during his high school years, before he won any NBA title.

Obviously, his identity has driven him to work on his craft and achieve historic results so far in his career.

The lesson is that everything you do and you don’t is a reflection of your identity.

If you look at one area in your life that you love, for example, you have an amazing relationship with your spouse, most likely you have an empowering identity in that area, e.g. “I am great husband, wife or partner”.

If you look at one area in your life that you are dissatisfied with the results, for example, lack of patients, you may have a limiting identity in that area, e.g., “I am not good marketer or I am not good salesperson.”

What does your identity have to do with speaking and getting your message out to your community?

Answer: everything.

If you are not producing the results consistently during your talks, OR you are not speaking often to bring more patients, then I encourage you to ask yourself these questions:

  • In the context of public speaking, how do you define yourself?
  • In the context of your career, how do you define yourself? As a doctor. As a doctor and teacher? As a doctor and advocate. As a doctor and speaker?
  • How would you like to define yourself?
  • Who do you have to become in order to create the impact that you want to create?

Your answers to these questions will shape your speaking and business career more than you can imagine.

Tony Robbins said that “The strongest force in the universe is a human being living consistently with his identity”. If you want to impact as many people as possible with chiropractic care in your community I encourage you to align your identity with your ultimate goals.

And if you’d us to show you how to that, come join us at Influencing From The Front.

This is our three day intensive, public speaking event, designed specifically for chiropractors. We go into great detail about your identity give you the tools and process to change that identity, if you want.

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Until tomorrow,

Roberto Monaco
The Chiro Speaking Company

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