Was Jesus the Ultimate Chiropractic Marketer?

The United States and New Zealand are the only countries that allow drug manufacturers to market their drugs directly to consumers… that in and of itself should be a clue to just had jacked up our medical system is.

The mere fact that they are allowed to hock their poisons direct to consumers is troublesome alone, but add to that, the fact they have nearly unlimited ad budgets and it becomes down right scary.

In 2015 big pharma spent over 5.2 billion on advertising. That’s Billion with a B, and the numbers are increasing not decreasing. 9 prescription drugs were on pace to break $100 million worth of TV ad time in 2015 — who knows what it will be this year.

That’s a bigger ad budget than some countries’ national GDP.

The majority of this money went to television for those ridiculous ads that always end with: “you may experience bleeding from your ass, a heart attack or even death…”

The problem with this, is with enough repetition, people start to believe it’s the norm. It’s ok. They become desensitized to the risks and dangerous.

I have a friend that is an orthopedic device salesman. His job is to assist the doctor during surgeries and help position the knee or hip in the right position. The first time he saw someone actually getting cut open, he nearly fainted. Nowadays, he’s quite comfortable hammering, drilling and sawing on the patient. (I got queasy just writing that)

You have a mission, screw that, you have an obligation, as a chiropractor to combat this dangerous propaganda.


You’ll never do it trying to out advertise them. It’s just not possible.

So what can you do?

You model Jesus.

Jesus back in the day was fighting the same kind of uphill battle. With the world against him, he turned to the greatest marketing tool ever created.

Public speaking.

Jesus changed the “market’s” minds by giving sermons (talks) to small groups.

He mastered the art of presentation and story telling.

He was relentless and consistently giving talks and changing minds and perceptions each time. And with every mind that changed, he enrolled another person in his mission.

This is what you need to do as a chiropractor. You need to change minds in small groups and enroll them into becoming advocates of the chiropractic message.

And to do this doesn’t require a huge marketing budget.

You just need to become outstanding at influential speaking.

And that’s why we created the Chiro Speaking Club.

—> http://www.chirospeakingclub.com

As member you will learn all the skills required to become a master communicator of the Chiropractic message and how you can enroll people into your mission.

Together as one,

Jeff Paro
The Chiro Speaking Company

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