Would you let Warren Buffett Invest your money?

Not too long along I posted a question on Flakebook.

I asked, “If Warren Buffet would manage your money, would you do it?”

Shockingly (actually, not so much), MANY people wouldn’t just throw their money to them.

They all had opinions why you shouldn’t…

… You need to diversify

… Warren Buffett is getting old and could die, then what?

… The stock market is going to crash

… more dribble…

It blowz me mind howz somes peoples thinks.!!!

He’s one of the richest men in the world AND the only one that made his fortune from investing and people still think they could do better with their money!

Here’s another point… who’s THE richest man in the world right now? Bill Gates.

Guess where he invests his money?

The majority of it is invested in Microsoft, but 43% of it is with Warren Buffett!

Why am I babbling on about this?

I see Chiropractors taking presentation and speaking advice from people who simply aren’t qualified.

If you’re going to listen to advice from someone, their results need to speak bigger than their mouth. They need to have a verifiable track record.

So I’ll ask you, “If you could get public speaking and presentation advice from the Warren Buffett of presentations, would you do it? “

If the answer is yes, go here:

Onward and upward,

Jeff “Sterling” Paro
The Chiro Speaking Co.

PS – Here’s a sampling of what you’ll have access to immediately:

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— The Ultimate Stress Talk

— How to do a Prep Talk

— Objection Obliteration Techniques for Group Presentations – Volume 1 – money

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