US Vice Consul tries to get in on the action

You ready for this?…

The Vice Consul in Karachi, Pakistan conducted a 2-day training workshop solely on presentation skills for UIT (The Usman Institute of Technology).

Looks like we’re in competition with Uncle Sam. (Not really)

But, 2 questions come to mind:

1.) why is a vice consul of the United States Consulate teaching this class and what qualifies him?

2.) Why is a Tech School teaching presentation skills? 

The answer is kinda the same for both.

Let me explain: 

Do you think competition to become a Vice Consul is fierce? 

The majority of Ivy leaguers have planned out and committed their entire lives to get into those schools.  It’s not easy.

They are smart and dedicated and large numbers of them want to get into politics after graduation. 

So these point-dexters are frothing at the bits for a job like that. 

I know the reason that A. he’s teaching and B. why’s he’s qualified, is he has seen the importance of public speaking in his own career.  There is zero doubt that he would have gotten to where he is today without being an outstanding speaker. 


It’s the same reason the Pakistani nerd factory is offering the course. You can be the best in the world at what you do, but if you’re a terrible communicator, someone with inferior trade skills and better communication skills will pass you up. 

That’s just way it goes.  

Here’s a quote from the program director:

“…excellent presentation skills were a major driving force in one’s professional career. It was is one of the most sought after skills in the industry that employers look for in candidates.”

And the same holds true for you.  If you want to truly excel as a chiropractor, you have to have excellent presentation skills. 

Presentations, in one form or another, are in every aspect of your business. From DROF’s, New Patient Orientations to Health Talks, it’s the one foundational skill you must master. 

If you’re committed, we can help you.


It’s a chiro only speaking club that’s soul mission is to help you become an excellent communicator and master presenter. 

See you tomorrow,

Jeff Paro

The Chiro Speaking Club

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