Why time is not money

“While to many ‘time is money,’ it’s probably more universal to say that ‘money is time.’ After all, time is the currency of everyone’s life. When it’s spent, the game is over”

— Joel Greenblatt
You Can Be A Stock Market Genius

One of the greatest gifts of having money is your ability to have time.

Even though we tend to focus on making money (myself included), what really matters is time.

We spend much of life trying to make money. We all have a magic number that we think will be the answer to all our dreams and prayers. (Myself included)

But as we build up the bank account, our ‘time left account’ is depleting.

… time to watch our kids grow

… time left with aging parents

… time do the things we want to do

… time spent with those care about

Money is important because it allows us to spend time doing things that we want and with the people, we care about.

That’s what of the many benefits of one to many communication.

You’ll create leverage in your business that will do 2 things:

1.) will make more money
2.) free up loads of time

We have created a club dedicated to showing chiropractors another way of growing their practices. A way that not only makes more money but also creates more time. It’s ripe for the pick’n:


Onward and upward,

Jeff “Sterling” Paro
The Chiro Speaking Co.

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