This is why Doctors suck a closing

“Roberto, I have no problem speaking, I actually love to share the chiropractic message, the problem is the close. I do not like closing”.

Does that sound familiar?

When you feel uncomfortable during the close, how do you think your audience feels?

Just like in a movie, when the main actor on the screen starts crying and all of sudden you get super emotional (or if you have a soft heart like me, you start crying).

Or, you go to a seminar and you see people super happy, some of them are even dancing, and they are showing a inspirational movie, loud music is blasting, and all of sudden you start feeling more happy, true?

Thanks to your (and the audience’s) mirror neurons, (aka the empathy neurons), the audience has the capacity to feel what you are feeling. So if you feel uncomfortable, uneasy, afraid, awkward during your close, that is exactly how your audience is feeling and that is why your audience does not sign up for your consultation.

Most doctors do not know about this and that is why they suck a closing, and they get pissed off because they spent all this time preparing the talk, rehearsing, scheduling the talk, even bringing food for what?

I do not blame them.

You have to be closed on your close and communicate the steps that your audience needs to take with confidence.

If you’re lacking that confidence, you need to come to our Influencing from the Front intensive.

We call it an intensive because it is intense. It’s 3 days of hard hitting useful teachings that you can implement immediately. We spend a significant amount of time on the “Presenter”.

That’s you.

We’ll deep dive in your psyche and show you how to take out the head trash so you can close with real confidence.

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