The art of eye contact

Let’s rap about eye contact…

In the context of public speaking and influence, eye contact is one of the less sexy topics you can bring up. But if you think making money is sexy… listen up.

Studying and mastering eye contact is sluffed off as inconsequential and trivial.

But you don’t have to look further than the language that we use to see how eye contact impacts our lives and the importance of it:

— see eye to eye

— pull the sheets over my eyes

— eye level

— you’re the apple of my eye

— an eye for an eye

— you’re the apple of my eye

And body language…

What do we do when we ‘ignore’ someone? We don’t look at them.

I remember as a kid when I was mad at my mother I would turn my back on her and refuse to even “look at her”.

When shaking hands and someone looks into your eyes, you generally associate with honest and confident. And the lack of, meaning the polar opposite.

What happens when you can’t see someone’s eyes because they have dark sunglasses on? It significantly reduces the cues to get a feel for what they are thinking and feeling.

Shakespeare said best when he said, “our eyes are the windows to our souls” (or close to that).

This week’s Chiro Speaking Club Q&A is about eye contact. Roberto meticulously answers the question: “How do use eye contact to influence an audience?”

To get his answer, go here:

Jeff Paro
The Chiro Speaking Company

PS: In addition to the above question answered, he also answered:

— How can I create more interaction during talks?

— How do I have confidence in any of my talks?

— How do I increase my motivation to put the effort into the talks?

— When would you recommend putting your personal story in your dinner/doctor’s reports?

— “After Dr’s Reports, patients will often use the excuse of time and money/insurance of why they cannot start care. I want to beat it to death that time and money are about resources and it’s all about resourcefulness.”

— “How would you communicate a capacity problem to potential patients without turning them off?”

— How do I create a really powerful mindset before my talks?

And much more…

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