Superstar saves drowning man at wedding

This last weekend was my niece’s wedding.

It was held at a venue straight out of the movies. Absolutely picture perfect.

Green grass, fully bloomed colorful flowers everywhere, a covered gazebo for the vows, a separate covered area for food, dancing and ….


Obviously, during this part, my ears perked up.

We had 2 dad’s toasts. They both performed well, though they both showed signs of nervousness.

Specifically, when mentioning the siblings, one dad included a kid that WASN’T a sibling and forget to mention one that WAS a sibling!

I was sitting right next to the forgotten son, it was hilarious.

The maid of honer fulfilled her duties nicely, reading word for word from a previously written speech.

Hey, I at least admired her preparation.

And then came the best man’s speech…

When he started speaking, he said a few words… paused… said a few more words, barely audible… walking towards the couple.

At first I thought to myself, wow he’s really good, he’s milking the dramatic pauses for all they are worth…

But.. then it quickly turned to a scene out of a Will Ferrell movie. The ones where he says and does’t things that make you squirm from the awkwardness even just watching.

“…. you’re both beautiful… so beautiful …”

…dead silence

“… yup, really beautiful”

…dead silence

“… yah, let me tell you… beautiful”

It was excruciating.

This carried on for what seemed forever.

Then the next thing I knew, one of the groomsmen was up next…

And this guy absolutely, killed it!

He came out the gates with energy and confidence. He made a really funny joke at the beginning (his opening) that relieved all the build up tension. (great influence strategy)

He made a statement, then followed up with a story and an analogy (claim, evidence and illustration)

He then brought down his energy and gave some serious, sincere, heart-felt advice to the groom from a married man with kids. (emotional connection)

Then he brought his energy back up and closed for the toast (close)

It was freaking fantastic… it was like he had attended one of our events.

Here’s the best part:

I later found out that he wasn’t even scheduled to speak! He was just saving his drowning friend!

I’m trying to remember how he segued way into it… but it was so smooth that I didn’t pick up on the fact he wasn’t supposed to be up next.

Here’s today’s take away:

Your influencing abilities, not only give you super star power on stage and in front of the room, but they also give you superhero powers, and the ability to rescue others in their time of need.

But remember what our colleague, Spidey said, “with great power comes great responsibility”

If you’re ready and responsible, join the legion of super heroes here:

See you tomorrow,

Jeff Paro
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