Studies, stories & conversions

After 12,000 hours of one on one public speaking coaching, I can assure you that every speaker has a presentation default.

Some speakers love to present statistics, facts, and definitions…

Some speakers love to present their scientific studies…

Some speakers love to present analogies and metaphors to explain their point of view, it comes naturally to them…

Some speakers are amazing storytellers. They open their mouth and without knowing, they are telling a story…

When it comes to doing your chiropractic lectures and talks, what should you do? Should you follow your presentation default? Should you just use studies? Should you just tell stories?

In this video, I will give you my answer to these questions and tell you a story about a doctor that closed 13 out of 15 during his last lunch and learn following this advice…

Here is the video:

Don’t speak to inform, speak to transform

Roberto Monaco



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