SHOCKING – what I discovered about Chiros on Facebook

I can’t believe what I just discovered.

We have a Chiro Influencing from the Front event in few weeks.

We still have capacity for a couple more people, so I decided to fire up fakebook and see what I could muster up.

One of the best features of flakebook ads is that you can target your audience quite narrowly.

Obviously, I wanted to target chiropractors, so I used the Job Title = Chiropractor.

That means that Facebook will show our ad to everyone who has “chiropractor” in their job title.


That’s right, there were only 5.2k Chiropractors in the whole United States of America, who use Facebook and put Chiropractor in their job title.

I was completely perplexed. How can that be?

So I tried different variations…

“Chiropractic Physician “

“Doctor of Chiropractic”


All them in total equalled 16,000 people.

What the heck?

Depending on who you ask, there are between 60-80k chiros.

So either theyz aint’ using the Facebook, they aren’t filling out their job title or they’re using a name other than the ones above.

And we know the likelihood of them not being on Facebook, isn’t very high.

When I was talking to Roberto, he said many Doc’s call themselves wellness coaches. So…

For shits and giggles, I entered “wellness coach”…

30,000 wellness coaches on Facebook.

If you’re a chiropractor in the business of chiropractic, why in god’s green earth wouldn’t you put that in your job title?

I’ll tell you why.

Because you don’t want to be known as a chiropractor. You’ve bought into some story somewhere that being a chiropractor means XYZ and you’re not proud of XYZ.

And why someone would select “wellness coach” over “chiropractor” is beyond me.

What qualifications do you need to be a wellness coach.

Alive. <— there, I listed ALL of them.

And to be a Chiro?

You’re a friggin’ Doctor. Went to school and earned that shyte…

Start claiming yo’ set! (that is gansta talk for where you’re from/your people)

How many Medical Doctors, Astronauts or Firefighters, give themselves an androgynous job title that anyone can claim?

Firefighter: I’m a safety coach
Medical Doctor: I’m a wellness coach
Astronaut: I’m an adventurer

Almost zero. Because they are proud of their accomplishments and what they represent.

To me, this is reminiscent to the Multi-level marketer that has 100 different ways to say what he does, other than MLM, because he’s embarrassed to admit what he does.

It’s head trash.

It’s all tied your identity and how you see yourself and your profession.

Who knows? Maybe I don’t have a clue what I’m talking about. Maybe there’s not merit in my argument.

I can only speak from my point of view. If had gone to school for 8-10 years to EARN the right to CLAIM something, I would rock that title and certainly wouldn’t exchange it for one that carries ZERO weight.

If you agree with me, and have a little bit of head trash going on, we can help you. We explain exactly why your Identity drives EVERYTHING and how you can change your current identity if you’re not digging it.

In the past this process and techniques were only available at our live event.

But now, you don’t even have to go the live event. It’s all recorded in the Chiro Speaking Club.

The whole event.

Just click on the tab “psychology” and start your journey to a new stronger identity.

Access it here:

See you tomorrow,

Jeff Paro
The Chiro Speaking Company

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