Purpose driven presentations

Imagine spending your teen years fighting in one of the dirtiest wars in history, in your own backyard.

Instead of the beach, movies with friends and playing dodgeball, you’re dodging live bullets, napalm, and agent orange.

That’s exactly what Chef Bui did.

Before he came to live in America, when he was 17, he joined the Vietnamese army and fought alongside American troops.

During that war, more than 58,000 American troops died.

But, as a result of the war, he was able to come to America and live the American dream — family, house, cars, business, the whole shebang.

But, he never forgot what made his dream possible. And that was the sacrifice of the 58,000 of America’s sons, daughters.

Though he couldn’t personally thank them for what they have given him, he vowed to “taking care of their children”.

That’s his mission — his purpose in life.

He fulfills this mission by running cooking programs for jails.

Though he’s a Chef, his higher calling is to help America’s troubled children.

Having a purpose can be so incredibly powerful. It can give you the strength when you are weak. It can lift you up when you are down. It can help you take action in spite of fear.

As a Chiropractor, you probably have a higher purpose than just pain relief, right?

What is it? And are you doing everything in your power to fulfill it?

If you’re not speaking, then I would say no.

Not because I teach public speaking, but because 1 to many communication is so effective at advancing causes.

Jesus didn’t get to where he is today speaking one on one.

Our presidents aren’t elected if they don’t get out and give speeches and do broadcast debates.

Civil rights aren’t improved with rally speeches.

If you REALLY want to fulfill your mission, you must be out speaking.

Here’s the first step:

Onward and upward,

Jeff Paro
The Chiro Speaking Co.


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