How to talk out your a$$ and have people still believe you.

“You could be talking out your ass and
people would still believe you.”

That’s what I well-known copywriter said about speaking from the stage.

He said it’s called the podium effect.

I couldn’t help but think, DUH!… how do you think Politicians get elected?

He’s right though, the mere fact that you’re “the Speaker” in front of the room earns you respect and trust from some of your audience.

Who else enjoys this type of automatic trust, respect, and admiration?

… Graduates from ivy league schools

… Special forces

… Spooks, spys, and astronauts

Perhaps… but they committed their entire lives to achieve that status.

You can earn the same kind of respect tomorrow by merely having a message and sharing it from the front to the room.

I know you may be thinking ol’ Sterdog is oversimplifying it. It can’t be that easy. If it were that easy, everybody would be doing it, right?

Well, like I’ve said a million times before, it’s because the majority of your competition are creme puffs and are too afraid to speak.

Simply showing up puts you ahead of 95% of your competition.

That means you only have to share the speaking opportunities with 5% of your competition. I like those odds.

Speaking of speaking opportunities… when hunting for speaking gigs, you need a speaker’s website.


The next Chiro Speaking Club training is going to be on how to create a speakers’ website for next to nothing (and in most cases zero cost). I’m going to walk through the elements needs and actually show you how to build it. Once you have the needed collateral/collateral, you can have a professional site up and running in less than an hour.

But you can only get it (and all the other training) here:

Onward and upward,

Jeff Paro
The Chiro Speaking Co.

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