Picasso’s answer to penny pinching price grinders

The Picasso Principle:

As the story goes, a woman, upon seeing her favorite artist in a cafe, walked over to gush what a huge fan of him she was. As he thanked her for the kind words, she took a napkin out of her purse and asked if he would draw something for her.

Picasso took the napkin, and with gusto, proceeded to sketch the woman. He then handed it back and told her that would be 10,000 francs (which was a small fortune in France at the time).

She was astounded. “10,000 francs!? Isn’t that a lot for just five minutes work?” To which, Picasso replied, “No, madam. That sketch took me my whole life.”

HMMM… how many of us have had to deal with this? Someone, or many people, grinding you on your prices? Trying to force you in to a dollar per hour rate?

They forget the fact that you went to school for many years, practically became an indentured servant, donating your time to practice your craft.

That it took years to finally reach the point where you are today… to have the experience, knowledge and the ability to solve problems quickly.

You make it look easy. (today)

That’s what an expert does… they make difficult things look easy.

As a professional service provider, one of the fastest ways that you can combat these chiropractic penny pinchers, is simply by speaking.

When you are speaking from the front of the room or you’re on stage, you are automatically elevated to a position of authority.

And we are conditioned, since we are children, not to question authority.

You drastically lower price resistance by simply positioning yourself as a person of power.

Your patients always have a choice, they can receive treatment from you, or they can go to the guy down the road who is cheaper…

They need to have a reason to pay a premium with you. And people are always willing to pay more for the perceived value of having the subject matter expert.

Trust me you don’t want to compete on price.Because if you are left to compete on price, you’re going to lose… because there is always someone jackass willing to go out of business faster than you.

But if you’re out there speaking giving community talks, doing dinners with the doc, and other speaking events… you will earn an automatic pricing premium because you are the local superstar expert. And celebrity experts always demand a higher price.

Hey! The good news is… it’s easy to become that person of value in the community… you just have to speak because most of the competition is either too scared, too lazy or simply suck at speaking.

And they don’t have Roberto and myself in their corner.

This is exactly why we created our Chiro speaking club. We have everything you need to know and to do to become the local celebrity in your community that will allow you to charge higher prices, have less price resistance, convert more and have more fun!

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Until tomorrow,

Jeff Paro
The Chiro speaking club

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