Why I’m expecting a Nobel nomination

Losing part of my thumb has changed my life forever. There’s no denying that.

Things that once were routine, I can no longer do (YET!).

While I’m rehabilitating my hand, somethings I used to love to do, such as cooking and lifting weights are simply not in the cards right now.

Both, are too dangerous. << lordy, I can’t believe I just said COOKING IS TOO DANGEROUS! LOL .

Before you write me off as a complete woos, let me explain:

Holding something with one hand and slicing is impossible for me. (I’m already down a finger, I don’t need to lose another one). Furthermore, securing anything requiring 2 hands like a heavy pot to pour, for now, is not happening..

This forces me to eat out, or order delivery, a lot.

Since my accident, I have been eating breakfast at the “lanchonete” on the corner by my house, EVERYDAY. They are one of the few places that serve eggs for breakfast (appropriately called an American breakfast). It’s a whopping $4.30 for eggs, fresh juice, toast, and coffee.

I crack up sometimes because I feel like a character from a movie… one of the “old guys” in the movies that eats breakfast at the same diner for 30 years and all the waiters know him. I don’t have to order or say anything. They know exactly what I’m going to order.


When I first started eating there, I couldn’t drink my coffee until a while after I finish eating because it was so hot.

One day I had the bright idea to use a spoon and take an ice cube that comes in the fresh squeezed orange juice and plop it in the coffee.

Problem solved. (yeah, I know, genius)

But when using the spoon, a small bit of OJ gets into the coffee. It didn’t really bother me, it was so minuut.

But then my beautiful mind came up with the idea, “wait, what if I use a fork?”

Yup,… I’m expecting my Nobel nomination any day now.

Here’s the point of this very long backfilled story:

Things change in our lives and our businesses. Sometimes we plan them and sometimes we don’t.

As things change and we enter new, foreign territory, we’re not going to do things “right” the first time.

With experience and time, we’ll adapt and get better.

This can be expected in your Chiro practice as well. Perhaps you weren’t getting the bottom line results you wanted and decided to grow your practice using presentation.

You’re not going to have it all figured out from day one. Give yourself some slack. You’ll get it figured out with time and experience.

Your breakthroughs might not be as big as thinking to use a fork instead of a spoon to pick up an ice cube to cool your coffee, but you’ll get there with a little luck!

But if you’d like us to share everything that we’ve learned along the way. The result of years of trial and error, where 100% of our livelihood depended on our ability to convert strangers that we had just met an hour previously, to gladly open their wallets and hand over $797 to $2995, the come to Influencing From the Front for Chiros.

Cut your learning curve down immensely:

Onward and upward,

Jeff Paro
The Chiro Speaking Company

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