I have no problem saying goodbye to these types of people

Today I noticed that we have had close to 100 people unsubscribe from our house list since I started writing daily almost 2 months ago.

I was curious to see what percentage were past clients, people that had actually bought something from us.

The number was extremely low, almost zero.

I was too lazy to actually look, but I imagine the majority were Chiropractors that had texted in to receive a free gift or a free bonus. A bonus that they must have thought was valuable enough to put forth the effort texting and giving us their cell number. (We guard our mobile numbers with our lives)

They then were repulsed by the fact I started emailing and *gasp* tried to sell them something.

I have no problem saying goodbye to these types of people. And neither should you.

“It’s not you, it’s meā€¦ I think we should see other people. This relationship is very give and take. I give and you take.”šŸ˜‚

I like to sell and have no qualms about it.

I share, almost daily, insights and tips that can make you: a better communicator, chiropractor and cashola… For free.

And at the end offer an opportunity for you to get even more help to become a better communicator, a better chiropractor and make more green backs.

Where’s the problem? I don’t see a problem with that.

But some people with an entitled mentality do.

They believe that you should just give, give, give and get offended if you offer paid help.

It’s these types of people that have a problem closing at the end of their chiro talks. They think they should just give all this free information on how to have health and vitality and then don’t feel like they’ve earned the right to ask their audience if they would like some paid help.

Since they have an entitled mindset, their mindset is projected onto the audience, and they assume their audience will get upset if they try to sell them somethingā€¦

It’s why they will never grow a massive practice and make the big bucks.

I think they actually have a word for people like that, “freebie seekers” ā€” or something like that.

But seeing how you’re reading this, you’re not like that so here’s the pitch:

There’s nobody on the planet that has reviewed and improved more chiro talks than Roberto and myself.

And the simplest and fastest ways to grow your practice is with presentationsā€¦


Join the Chiro Speaking Club to get access to us and our speaking systems so you can start growing your practice now.

See you tomorrow,

Jeff Paro
The Chiro Speaking Company

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