The Dangers of Nintendo Neck (and why you want one).

From the files of genius marketing:

I read an article where a Chiropractor was being interviewed about the dangers of “Nintendo Neck”.

I didn’t even need to read the rest of the article to know exactly what she was going to talk about.

It’s brilliant.

In marketing this is a perfect example of a “Big Idea”.

In a nutshell, a big idea is a way to explain what you do, that is both unique AND easy to understand.

In most markets all competitors basically do the same thing, solve the basic problems.

The job of the marketer is find a big idea, that says the something in a different and unique way.

I’ve personally, never heard of “Nintendo Neck”. So now this lady owns that real estate in my mind (even if she wasn’t the creator of the idea).

And, instantly, I thought of the times that I played video games as a child and could automatically picture the position of the neck in my mind and problems that could arise from this.

If she was smart, and just marketed herself as the doc that prevents and fixes Nintendo neck, she could fill her practice with patients. How many parents are worried about the effects of video games and texting is having on their children? And aren’t they more willing to spend money on their kids than they are themselves ?

Our big idea here is: “You’re one 1 presentation away from a million dollar practise.”

What’s your big idea? What’s the big idea of your talk?

Can’t answer that…?

Then come to Influencing from the Front for Chiropractors. We’ll help you wrap your head around this concept so you can pump out big ideas like the Kardashians pump out selfies.

At this intensive you will:

Appreciatively walk away with our tightly guarded playbook, where we fully disclose our proprietary system that our current DC’s are using to close up to (impossible?) 120% of the room during lunch and learns, dinner with the doctor, etc.

Correct presentation subluxation, anything that might be interfering with your message, things you’re not aware you’re doing (and trust me they exist). Stuff like poor eye contact, filler words and unconscious body language.

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Onwards and upwards,

Jeff Paro
The Chiro Speaking Company

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