Automatic No

No! is the automatic answer.

Whenever you ask your patient/lead to buy from you, their mind automatically finds reasons to say no.

Think about it, they certainly don’t look for a reason to say yes!

When chiropractors hear a no, most, simply tuck their tales between their legs and go on about their business.

A few, more grizzled, may persist and overcome an objection or two.

The problem with this is, MANY of these people could have been converted to paying clients.

If you believe, that the first couple of no’s are automatic, that we are wired to say no, it makes it easier to push through the initial resistance.

Now, imagine having over 20 different ways to overcome each objection you hear like: no time, no money, too expensive, etc..

In this week’s Chiro Speaking Club training, we expand on a framework that allows you overcome and obliterate any objection a client or lead gives you.

And we give you over 20+ examples. This weeks training obliterated the “3 time a week is a lot and I don’t have the time.”

Join here:

And never have to worry about this excuse again.

Onward and upward,

Jeff Paro
The Chiro Speaking Co.

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