Little known influence tactic to increase conversions

I recently re-entered the world of Facebook and quickly realized why I had left in the first place.

Facebook was meant to be a place to keep informed of what’s happening in your circle of influence’s lives.

What it quickly began was a platform for everyone to post their political and social opinions.

You don’t have to scroll far before finding a heated ‘debate’ of something.

I have no problem with this other than the fact that it’s a complete was of time.

Nothing is going to change.

Here’s why:

In influence, there is something called the “law of commitment and consistency”.

In a nutshell what that law says is, when we commit to something publicly we defend that stance to the bitter end, even against overwhelming evidence to the contrary.

That’s right, research shows that even when they are “outpointed” and the preponderance of evidence is against them, they will go down swinging.

And so when Jon and Alice are ferociously debating on the walls of Facebook, the probability of actually changing minds is virtually zero.

And when someone reading publicly “likes” one comment? Yep, now they are committed to some degree as well.

As keen influencer you probably already asked yourself, “self, how can I use this to my advantage?”

It’s simple.

You get your audience to publicly agree to what you say. When you do that the law of commitment and consistency will kick in and will become increasingly difficult for them to “back peddle” and disagree with you.

Now, imaging stacking these commitments throughout your presentation? When you go to ask for their commitment, the probability of them saying yes will be significantly higher.

There are 13 increments of influence that we teach in The Chiro Speaking Club.

We call them increments because each time you use one of them, you incrementally increase your influence.

It’s basically taking what we know be true from the science of influence and applying it to public speaking.

Get access here:

Onward and upward,

Jeff Paro
The Chiro Speaking Co.

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