Is the lack of authenticity a problem in Chiropractic?

Last week I had 3 conversations with 3 different Chiropractors who are struggling both in practice and how to use public speaking to attract and retain patients. They “tried” to do outside talks, dinner with the doctor program and even patient orientation classes, but without much success.

After engaging and asking them a lot of questions, I discovered that the major underlying cause of the poor results was the lack of authenticity. These doctors were not being 100% real and true to themselves, their beliefs about chiropractic and how they were communicating it to their community.

Unfortunately, these doctors were sold on the idea of presenting “someone else’s script, someone else’s talk” as the key to speaking and converting at the highest level possible. They were told by their previous coaches that “I was successful using this script, therefore, you will be successful as well when you do it”.

Logically it makes sense, but amuse me for a second and tell me a famous cover band?….(I am waiting). How about you tell me the name of a cover band that made a ton of money in the music industry…(I am still waiting). I guess you cannot think of one, true? Why? Because cover’ bands are using someone’s script, they are singing someone’s song!!

And how, specifically, can you be authentic in your communication if “you are singing someone’s song?

In this video, I explore this topic further and I share my beliefs about how you can be authentic during your communication

Roberto Monaco

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