[Interview] The Chiro Advocate: Dr. John Davila

About Dr. John

After graduating for Palmer College in 1994 and then establishing three successful practices in the Myrtle Beach, S.C., area, John decided his passion and calling was to help other doctors be successful through being compliant.

Since 2000, John has been training doctors and staff on the topics of federal and state level insurance compliance. He has consulted for numerous insurance networks and in 2001, John re-wrote the Medicare policy for chiropractic reimbursement for Palmetto GBA and served on their Physician Carrier Advisory Committee while training their nurse reviewers on medical necessity and documentation.

Dr. Davila regularly speaks on the topics of how to navigate Medicare and documentation issues while still maintaining a subluxation and wellness based philosophy. In addition to working with hundreds of clients privately, John currently consults for the world’s largest chiropractic practice management consultants in order to help them solid and referenced compliance advice which allows their clients to thrive without fear!

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