Interview with Dr. David Serio

Roberto Monaco

Roberto Monaco

Co-founder, The Chiro Speaking Company
Roberto is the creator of the acclaimed 3-day public speaking seminar called Influencing From The Front, an experience that has improved the performance of thousands of presenters world-wide. Roberto is also the publisher of many online courses for the Influence Academy platform as well as monthly trainings for The Chiro Speaking Club.

Dr. David Serio

Founder, Vida Chiropractic
  • Dr. David Serio
  • 1999 Graduate of Sherman College of Straight Chiropractic
  • Graduated with honors
  • Founder Vida Chiropractic Worldwide
  • Currently with 19 centers of chiropractic in Argentina, Brasil, Chile and Spain
  • Founder of the Life Evolution Seminars
  • Author of 33.  A best selling book on the 33 principles.
  • Dr. David is also a father and husband


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