If Einstein was a Public Speaking Coach

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, during my first month in my brand new job as a speaker for the Anthony Robbins companies, I spoke without urgency.

Don’t get me wrong, I thought I spoke with urgency, but the truth is that I did not.

How do I know?

Here’s what was happening.

I was doing these presentations for real estate, mortgage and network marketing companies and at the end of my talks, when I closed for the 4-day event that I was promoting, the majority of people used to come to me, super excited, and ask for my business card, and say:

“Roberto, please give me your card and I will call you tomorrow with my credit card number…”

“Roberto, give me your card and I will call you tomorrow because I have to check my calendar”

“Roberto, please give me your card and I will go home, talk to my wife, and see if she wants to come to the event with me, and I will call you tomorrow…”

I said, ok not a problem, I will wait for you to call me back tomorrow.

Now, at the end of the day, our sales manager used to call us and ask how many tickets we sold that day.

The conversation went like this:

Sales manager: Roberto, how many meetings did you have today?

Roberto: 2 meetings

Sales manager: How many people were you in front of?

Roberto: 27 people

Sales manager: How many tickets did you sell?

Roberto: 5 in my hands and 12 people that will call me tomorrow! 12 are TBC (I even developed this name, TBC “to be collected”)

Sales manager: 12 people will call you tomorrow????

As you can imagine, by the end of the week I had nearly 100 people that were “supposed” to call me and, obviously, my name was at the bottom of the daily sales report (we had this old school excel spreadsheet).

After 2 months on the job I didn’t open the spreadsheet anymore because I was embarrassed and I wondered how long it would take them to fire me….

But thankfully, they did not fire me.

I was not a talented speaker or a great sales guy, but I was not stupid either.

I knew that even though my results sucked if other people on my team could sell 10X more than I did in the same market, selling the same product, with the same customer base, then it was MY problem, not the product, the market, or the audience (the same applies to chiropractic. I see one doctor having 10X more patients than another doctor in the same market, selling the same chiropractic care with a similar price point, so what is the difference?)

So I hired a coach and I realized I had several closing blinds pots, but the biggest one was that I did not have urgency when I was speaking.

In another words, I did not have urgency to close the audience on the spot, so they did not have urgency to sign up for the seminar on the spot.

If Albert Einstein were coaching me at the time, he would draw this formula:

The presenter’s state + persuasion strategies + offer = urgency

I had the persuasion strategies and the offer, but I did not have the state.

So I changed my state.

My results changed also.

I became # 1 in sales for 5 years in a row. And, as they say, the rest is history…

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