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Years ago I was speaking at a car dealership, doing a 45-minute workshop and my goal was to close for a seminar at the end of my talk.

The crowd was awesome, a bunch of hard-core sales professionals that appreciate salesmanship and a good training.

The feedback I was getting was awesome and I got really excited during my talk.

I shared some extra stories. I added couple more sales tips. I gave couple extra examples. I spoke more than I should.

When I finally starting closing the group for my seminar, I heard a voice in the speaker system:

“…the dealership is about to open, all salespeople on the floor.”

To my surprise, the sale manager looked at me and at the group and said:

“… guys…let’s give a big round of applause for Roberto, he was awesome. Now, I need you all on the floor, let’s sell some cars.”

The entire group, around 25 guys, clapped for me, stood up and walked away. Literally in the middle of my close!!!

Lost the close.

Lost the business.

Learned the lesson.

I have seen similar scenarios happening hundreds of times with chiropractic talks. The doctor does an amazing job during the talk, but messes up the close because:

◦ the doctor does not know how long his close is

◦ the doctor speaks way too much and she runs out of time

◦ the doctor gets cut in the middle of the talk by the boss (the boss actually tells the group “if you are interested, call the doctor later” – that hurts, I know!!!

◦ The doctor closes but he does not have enough time for people to sign up after the close

◦ The doctor cuts critical parts of the close because he spoke too much

You can dramatically increase your conversations when you stop making this mistake, own the time and timing of our close.

This is just one of hundreds of insider observations, that we’ve learned in the field and that we will share with you at our three-day Influencing From The Front Intensive (just for Chiropractors).

There are countless things you’re probably doing that are costing you patients and profits. Because you just don’t know what you don’t know.

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