Avoid dotardedness w/ the new no-tard screener

Dotard. Pronounced DOE-turd.

If you’ve been following the rants between Trump and Jong Un, you know they have given each other nicknames.

Rocket-man (Kim Jong Un), sent everyone running for a dictionary when he called our executive in charge a “Dotard”.

I have to admit, I thought his English was just jacked up and he meant to say retard.

But then I soon realized he really meant dotard.

I was kind of disappointed I had made it to this point in my life and hadn’t heard, nor, been able to USE this word in my insult arsenal.

With all joking aside, there are some marketing/behavior lessons in here.

Words are powerful. They can evoke strong emotion.

Therefore, the names of products, services, and processes are important. Never just call your checkup a checkup. Give it a good, unique name like “The Dotard Screening” or the No-tard preventive care program.

Viral, word of mouth is still the fasted and cheapest form of advertising. I imagine there are some smart entrepreneurs who are going to capitalize on this (t-shirts, searches, websites etc).

Your wet dream is to have people in your community talking about you and recommending you.

Anyway on to the good stuff:

Tomorrow is our “live” call day in the Chiro Speaking Club. This a day where we open the lines and answer any questions you have on influence, structures, current presentations, marketing or anything burning question you may have.

But it’s only available for members.

Find out how to join here:

Jeff Paro
The Chiro Speaking Company

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