Do you reek of the musky smell of a creeper?

Most chiropractors want to be authentic.

Most chiropractors think they ARE being authentic.

Heck, I believe most people, in general, want to be and think they are authentic.

But riddle me this:

If you’re using a canned presentation that some other person created, how can you be authentic?

It isn’t your ideas…

It isn’t in your voice…

It’s the farthest thing from authentic.

It’s permission based imitation.

You’re pretending that the presentation is yours.

Is that being authentic?

I don’t think so.

To be authentic, is to be the real and raw you. I’ve heard more foo-foo people use the word, “source”.

Using a pre-fab presentation, you’re definitely not the source. If you had created the presentation yourself, it FOR SURE WOULD HAVE BEEN DIFFERENT… It would have reflect you — not it’s original creator.

And when you’re not authentic, the audience can smell it a mile away – like the musky smell of a creeper.

It destroys conversions.

That’s why we teach frameworks and structures, instead of canned scripts, so that you will have freedom, flexibility and authenticity in your talks.

In the Chiro Speaking Club, you have access to hours of training on our structures and how to use them.

You can join here:

See you tomorrow,

Jeff Paro

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