Do you know my Frenemy?

Good day my presentation progeny…

I’m sure you enjoyed hearing from the grand pooba of presentation, Roberto, but now I’m taking back the reigns with some rock’m and sock’m public speaking insights to fill those chiropractor coffers… (look at that alliteration)

On my journey to recovering from losing part of my thumb (aka “the accident”), I’ve had to really go deep into my psyche and challenge some of my own beliefs and my relationship with fear.

Holy smokes, I can’t even begin to tell how many times in the last 2 months, I’ve have to overcome my fears. (sometimes doubting myself, and wondering if I can do it)

Fear of the unknown…

Fear of pain!…

Fear of not being good enough (self-counciousness of deformity)…

Fear of not healing correct…

Fear of returning back to brazil and not having proper medical attention…

Fear of not making the wrong decisions…

And the list goes on and on…

I’ve been blessed with a plethora of tools to use to get my out of my funk and let me tell you, sometimes I have to use them all!!

Why am I sharing this with you? For a pity party or to demonstrate how cool/strong I am?…

Nope. Au contraire.

I wanted to share with you the human aspect of fear. Somewhere, some how we’ve been lead to believe that fear should not exist. If we have fear, we are weak.

But some type of fear will always be there, it’s about acting in spite of it.

Fear in this phase of my life, is real for me. It’s something I’m battling daily.

Yet, I’m overcoming.

I’m moving forward.

It’s not paralyzing me. (like it does many people)

Fear can be a nasty debilitating emotion. It’s also necessary. It’s crazy to know we’d all be dead if we didn’t have it, but it’s also the reason many people aren’t where they want to be in life and business.

That’s why I call it fear a Frenemy.

Part Friend, Part Enemy.


I know for a fact, the majority of people on this list are struggling with some aspect of their psychology.

It could be the obvious, fearful of speaking in front of other people.


Less obvious, like having the wrong belief about something.


Low self-esteem.

… All completely STOPPING them.

They say no to last minute speaking opportunities.

They get filled with so much anxiety that they falter during their performance.

They don’t close with the confidence or urgency they should.

It’s all psychology. (Fear and Belief systems)

That’s why we spend so much time in our 3 day IFF event on equipping you with a DEEP understanding of how your mind works and what actually is your ‘psychology mindset’.

If you’d like to learn some life long emotional management skills that aren’t just speaking, come to our event. You leave the 3 day intensive with your own set of tools to help manage your own fears, wherever and whenever your frenemy comes to visit you.

Live with less fear:

Speak Soon,

Jeff Paro
The Chiro Speaking Company

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