The Dhando Presenter, low-risk, high-return

Dhando (pronounced dhun-doe). Dhan comes from the Sanskrit word Dhana meaning wealth. Dhan-dho, literally translated, means “endeavors that create wealth.” In the street it means business.

But what is business if not to an endeavor to create wealth?

This comes from a fascinating book I just read called The Dhando Investor by Mohnish Pabrai.

It’s all about the business framework used by the Patels to come from India with nothing and in short order become the largest owners of hotels in the US.

The author adapted the framework to invest in stocks and has amassed an impressive personal fortune as well.

Dhando is all about low risk, high reward deals.

More importantly, a Dhando style investment or business deal must:

1.) Be easy to understand.
2.) Have a Proven track record.
3.) Have a defensible moat.

As I read the book, I couldn’t help but draw parallels from Dhando style investments to public speaking…

… And why I think group presentations are the best low risk, high reward marketing investment you can make.

Let’s take a look:
1. Easy to understand: Create a presentation that converts. Speak in front of as many people as possible and grow your business. Can’t get any simpler than that.

2.) Proven track record: Think about the top %1 in the chiropractic industry… are they speaking? Now go outside of a Chiropractic, are the movers and shakers in any industry using speaking? Politics, Social movements, product launches, book tours… all use one to many presentations. All religious leaders were/are public speakers.

3.) Defensible moat: A moat is a competitive advantage. With estimates that 80-90% of all humans suffer from the fear of public speaking, most of your competition will never compete against you. You can’t have a better moat than people scared to death to do what you do.

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