Confession: It’s my fault.

Do I look like a Thiago?

I don’t think so.

But, even if I don’t look like one, I must sound like one.

Here’s why:

I was at the Starbucks near my place in Ipanema, Brazil.

There was an English guy in front of me who was asking the cashier if someone there spoke English.

After he ordered I started to talk to him in English while waiting my turn to order. When I ordered (in Portuguese), the barista asked my name obviously I responded, Jeff.

After my drink made it through the assembly line, the guy called out “Thiago”!?

I recognized the drink and collected it.

By the way, this isn’t the first time this happened either.

Somehow when I say Jeff, their mind hears Thiago.

In the US, oddly enough, Jeff translated to Chuck.

Numerous times, when asked my name they would repeat it back as Chuck!?

Go figure! Chuck… Thiago… could’t have at least been mistaken for a cool name?

So… what chance do you think there is that I didn’t pronounce my own name correctly or even clearly?

I’m had nearly 40 years of practice!

But, who’s fault is it for the miscommunication?

I believe It’s my fault.

As the communicator it’s my responsibility to communicate my message in a way that the person receiving it, understands it correctly.

A big frustration Chiropractors have is current clients not “getting it”.

You, as a chiropractor, simply can’t understand why they are not signing up for long term care or wellness programs.

You explained it to them perfectly (you said Jeff), but they didn’t understand correctly (they heard Thiago).

A great communicator will always accept responsibility for his/her communications and the results of their communication.

When you make that shift and own, 100% of the responsibility, it actually makes life simple.

It’s not working… I need to try a different way. Rinse and repeat until I achieve my desired result.

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Onwards and upwards,

Jeff Paro
The Chiro Speaking Company

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