Chiropractors are addicted to ____________!

I am going to guess something about you right now (I usually get it right 99% of the time):

The last chiropractic talk that you gave, you spend most of your preparation time going over the slides instead of rehearsing your talk out loud, true?

C’mon admit it you old sap, don’t be embarrassed, you’re in good company.

It went something like this:

You spend most of your time reviewing the slides

… adding a new study,

… changing the fonts,

… adding a cool picture,

… finding that perfect video to add to your deck,

… instead of physically rehearsing your talk, am I right?

Then, after your slides were perfect, you were ready to present.

During the presentation, you actually felt the urge to read the text on the slides out loud to your audience (just in case some of them could not read). Congratulations you have become a slide presenter! (*cough* *cough* )

Here is something I have learned during the last 5 years working with Chiropractors all over the world:

Doctors are addicted to powerpoints. It is sad, but is true.

Look, it is not your fault, it is the culture of the chiropractic coaching industry.

If you are (or were) in a coaching relationship, I bet your coaching group gave you a powerpoint template and told you “here you go, the presentation is ready for you”.

And because doctors trust their coaches, they do exactly that, they present the slides and became a slide presenter (instead of influencer).

Unfortunately, they became what I call “Milly Vanilli” presenters, they ended up singing someone else’s song and get in trouble.

Later, these doctors wonder:

… “why aren’t my closing ratios that high?”

… “Why am I not enjoying this talk as much?”

… “Why am I not connecting to the the way I should?”

Here is something for you to think about?

◦ Why during presidential elections, candidates that speak to crowds, trying to get their votes, do not use powerpoint?

◦ Why, as a Tony Robbins speaker, doing 400 talks per year, was I not allowed to use powerpoints?

◦ Why does Jeff Bezos, the richest man in the world, prohibit using PowerPoint presentations at Amazon?

Because when you do not know who to use slides, you become less effective.

Listen, I am not bashing powerpoint, I actually use them for my long-format training.

But it is critical that you understand this:

The powerpoint presentation does not convert your audience into patients, YOU do.

One of our coaching clients, Dr. Zaino, who built up one of the largest chiropractic practices in the world (at one point the office was seeing over 2,400 patients a week), built his business primarily doing dinner with the doctor talks without PowerPoint.

I get the point that if you are doing other talks like nutrition, detox, weight loss etc, it takes lot of work for you to research your topic, etc.

Obviously, having someone to do the research for you and build a slide presentation saves you a lot of time (I really believe that and I think it is a great service).

However… you have to make sure that you make that presentation your own and you spend most of your time rehearsing your talk out loud instead of “going over the slides”.

Look, if you want to have the confidence that your presentations and your ability to present your ideas is superb…

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See you tomorrow,

Roberto Monaco
The Chiro Speaking Company

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